IC microscope with digital camera

High Power Digital Microscope - 4000X

Introducing the latest Desk Top High Power coaxial illumination microscope with
up to 4000x magnification power. Build with interchangeable 10X eyepiece and
MicroVision MV-8-2.0MP or high performance 5.0MP digital imaging device that capture
images and record video in high resolution via USB thought PC connection.

high power digital microscope

Built in with High power LED Coaxial illumination with controllable intensity. Metallurgy grades achromatic lens in 4x, 10x,20x / 40x for
producing crystal images on reflective parts.
Eg. PCB, micro circuits, plating & etc.

Complete setup with X-Y mechancial stage for target allocation

High power twin goose neck LED auxilliary illumination
IC inspection microscope
high power IC inspection microscope
  Model : MV-HP- B ( Basic )
Monocular Viewing head with 3W LED Coaxial illumination
Diffuse & Blue Filter
Light intensity control / Cordless / Rechargeable
MV-8-2.0MP digital eyepiece camera
Triple Nose Piece with positive click
Achromatic objective Lens - Din 45mm
4x/Na 0.10, 10x/Na0.25, 20x/Na0.65
Track Stand with Coarse / Fine Focus
Large base plate, 316mm x 240 x 16mm
X-Y Mechanical stage - 180mm x 155mm x 27mm
Twin Goose 3W LED high power Auxilliary Light
Intensity control / rechargeable
high power surface inspection microscope
  Model : MV-HP- A ( Advance )
Monocular Viewing head with 3W LED Coaxial illumination
Diffuse & Blue Filter
Light intensity control / Cordless / Rechargeable
MV-8-5.0MP High performance digital eyepiece camera
with Advance measurement software
Imaging stacking feature
Triple Nose Piece with positive click
Plan Achromatic objective Lens - Din 45mm
4x/Na 0.10, 10x/Na0.25, 40x/Na0.65
Track Stand with Coarse / Fine Focus
Large base plate, 316mm x 240 x 16mm
X-Y-R (Rotation) Mechanical stage - 180 x 155 x 27mm
3W High power LED bottom projection light, intensity control.
For Out line measurement
Twin Goose Neck, Fiber Optics illumination
Calibration microscope slide 1Div: 10micron.
high power particle inspection microscope
Software Parameter - MV- HP- A
microscope measurement software
Full software control imaging parameter

3D Surface Ploting features

  MV-8-5MP Digital Microscope camera - Technical Data
Image Sensor
5.0MP - 1/2.5' Cmos
Max Resolution
Scan mode
Pixel Size
2.2um x 2.2um
A/D Converter
12 bit, 8 bit R.G.B to PC
Spectral Range
G sensitivity
0.53v/lux-sec ( 550nm )
Video format
5fps@2592x1944 / 18fps@ 1280x960
Ultra-fine color engine
Capture / Control API
Native C/C++ SDK. Direct show, Twain





Camera Parameter

Software Parameter

Manual white balance, Color temp, Tint
Control all camera parameter
Auto / Manual white balance
Preview live video
Color : Hue, Saturation, brightness
Save image as BMP, Jpeg, Tiff, Gif, Psd etc,
Contrast, Gamma
Capture and save sequence of single image
Auto exposure with target setting
Capture and save video streams
Manual exposure : Time setting
Video scale bar and clarity factor
Vignetting : Amount, Mid point
Motor driven X-Y stage control tools
Histogram auto RGB level & manual setting
Image fusion ( Stacking )
Frame speed Setting
Depth of focus extension (Auto / Manual )
Light frequency setting
Online gray scale calibration
Flip: Horizontal, Vertical
Powerful 2D measurement tools
Color Mode : Polychromatic or Monochrome
Manual ROI viewfinder tools for AWB/AE
Full advance measurement with layering features,
Scale bar imprint, calibration etc.,
microscope image stacking software
Image Fusion ( Stacking )
Powerful stacking software to fuse different
Depth of view into a single image
microscope shop microscope sale in singapore
$ 1, 6 5 0 $ 2, 6 5 0
With 2.0MP digital eyepiece camera with 5.0MP - Cmount High performance digital camera
Image & video capture Advance measurement, image fusion software
Achromatic objective lens 4X,10X & 20X Plan Achromatic objects 4X,10x & 40X
X-Y mechanical Stage X-Y-R mechanical stage / Bottom light illumination for outline measurement
Twin goose neck High power LED Auxilliary light Twin goose neck High power LED Auxilliary light or Twin goose neck fiber optic light ( optioanl )
    Micrometer calibration slide 1 Div / 10 micron
All price quoted Net without 7% GST.
Demostration by appointment at premises only.
Payment Method and Shipment for buyers:
Cash on Delivery, Cheque payment / Giro / E-invoice for Government institute.
International buyers : Paypal ( Credit card payment + 4% ), or Bank Remittance only (Subject to additional $15 Inward Bank charge )
For Corporate / Company Purchase :
We can issue Official quotation and accept payment via T.T
Deliver your order via your company designated courier accounts, Fedex, DHL, UPS, TnT etc.,
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